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Endodontic Surgery: Saving the Tooth
Treatment and Objective
Dentists do not like to extract teeth. We are trained that the first step to a successful practice is to save the tooth and exhaust all available treatments before there is no other recourse but to remove the offending material. The aim of endodontic surgery is to eliminate infection from the root of the tooth or the tissues at or surrounding the tissues of the root. 
There are nine signs that may resort to endodontic surgery:
•    Aberrant or abnormal growth of the molars and mandibles
•    the extremity or tip (apices) of the root of a tooth are blocked
•    protruding, broken or damaged  file
•    relief free pain
•    persistent cyst
•    the root is cracked
•    perforated root
•    problem is diagnosed when a flap is raised
•    as an alternative treatment (this is the cheapest and quickest)
Fear factor is the greatest enemy when going through an endodontic surgery. Both the patient and the dentist are usually hesitant to perform this. For the specialist, however, exposing the sinuses by using full thickness opening should not be a problem. Patients have to be warned from blowing their nose for 36 hours and should be prescribed antibiotics and pain killers.
Endodontic surgery can hurt, just like any other. The use of local anaesthetics is indicated before performing the procedure. The patient may or may not drive home after, that all depends on the advice of the dentist. The prescription of antibiotics and pain killers will have to be properly complied to avoid infection and complications. Recovery is fairly short and easy. Patients usually return to normal activities and work the next day. 

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